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Literacy Consultancy

"As ‘Literacy Focus’ I bring years of experience as a teacher, a trainer/coach and a senior leader.  I can offer you a consultancy service that understands the challenges of today’s schools and is shaped to meet your needs.  I can successfully work alongside headteachers, senior leaders, middle leaders, support staff, trainees, new and recently qualified teachers, and experienced teachers.  My consultancy packages can be tailor-made; from strategic planning through to coaching teaching assistants to work effectively with small groups of children.

I am very excited to be able to offer you my expertise and knowledge in both Literacy and learning and teaching, and I look forward to hearing from you."

- Emma Caulfield, Literacy Focus Ltd.

What's on offer?


Due to the COVID19 pandemic Literacy Focus has gone on-line! 

Since March 2020 I have adapted consultancy and training work so that it can be successful on-line. I use Zoom or Teams, depending on what suits you, and can do everything that I would normally do face-to-face except teach a class!  All feedback about working on-line has been exceptionally positive, in fact some Heads have said that they find meetings smarter and more purposeful on-line than in person.

On-line I have trained all group sizes from 5 to 65, tailoring the training according to whether it is with participants socially distanced in one room, spread between rooms in a school, individuals at home or a mixture of all three.  Schools have been really satisfied with this as an alternative to face-to-face training; some have even picked up some ideas for their own on-line practice.

The following are suggestions of aspects that you may require training, advice or support in implementing.  All packages are bespoke.

  • Planning to teach writing 
  • Writing curriculum planning - Is there progression across the school? Is it engaging? Does it reflect your community?
  • Becoming a reading school
  • Reading for Pleasure in the 21st Century
  • Improving literacy outcomes by improving planning
  • Improving literacy outcomes by improving writing across the curriculum
  • Literacy across the curriculum
  • Improving handwriting (EYFS-Year 6)
  • Developing the higher achieving writers
  • Assessment and moderation of writing
  • Literacy curriculum provision – is it engaging? Is it getting the best out of the children?
  • Quality grammar, punctuation and spelling teaching and learning
  • Literacy health check
  • Guided Reading
  • Guided Writing
  • Improving writing at KS1/KS2
  • Improving literacy outcomes in Y2
  • Improving literacy outcomes in Y6
  • New Literacy Subject Leader induction/support
  • Improving writing and engaging learners through Talk for Writing *
  • Talk for Reading  *

Prices (1st September 2020) Literacy Focus Ltd only:     1 day = From £440        ½ day = From £300           1 hr INSET = From £230     + VAT

* Talk for Writing and Talk for Reading are licensed by Pie Corbett and are therefore priced differently to the Literacy Focus Ltd work listed above.

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