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Reading For Pleasure
I can't remember the last time I worked on a Saturday.  I've been a teacher since I returned from my gap year in 1990 so have never needed to work on a Saturday.  Most of my class-teaching career was… Read More
Raising Standards of Writing on the Cheap
It's no secret that school funding is being slashed.  Over the past seven years I've seen a year-on-year decline in spending on CPD for teachers (and a bigger decline in spending on CPD for TAs).  It… Read More
Get to Grips with Handwriting in Your School
Back in March I completed a five day course entitled ‘The Teaching and Learning of Handwriting’.  Who best to go to for a course on teaching handwriting than the National Handwriting Association?  The… Read More
Planning to Teach Writing
My book is here!  What the publisher, Routledge, says about it pretty much sums it up! Planning to Teach Writing A practical guide for primary school teachers By Emma Caulfield Written by an experi… Read More