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Planning to Teach Writing

My book is here!  What the publisher, Routledge, says about it pretty much sums it up!

Planning to Teach Writing
A practical guide for primary school teachers
By Emma Caulfield

Written by an experienced teacher and literacy consultant, Planning to Teach Writing offers an easy-to-use, tried-and-tested framework that will reduce teachers’ planning time while raising standards in writing. Using the circles planning approach, it provides fresh inspiration for teachers who want to engage and enthuse their pupils, with exciting and varied hooks into writing, including picture books, short stories, novels and films.

Exploring effective assessment practice, each chapter puts the needs and interests of pupils at the forefront of planning, and models how to design units of work that will lead to high-quality writing outcomes in any primary school classroom.

The book uses a simple formula for success:

1 Find the gaps in learning for your students.

2 Choose a hook that you know will engage your students.

3 Select a unit plan that you know will support you to get the best writing out of your students.

4 Tailor it.

5 Teach it!

With a fantastic range of hooks to inspire teaching and learning, Planning to Teach Writing ensures successful planning that will maximise engagement, enjoyment and achievement. This book is an accessible and necessary resource for any teacher planning to teach writing in their classroom.

If you think it will help you to plan teaching sequences for writing please do buy a copy.  You can get 20% discount if you buy it from Routledge and use this code at checkout: FLR40