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Here are a selection of testimonials.  If you are interested to read more or want to see testimonials for specific work please contact Literacy Focus via the contact us tab.

"The one-to-one year group session was SO helpful and I left feeling really inspired."
Charlotte Caley - Webster Primary School, Manchester
Planning to Teach Writing Surgeries, March 2017
"A great session as always. This will really help our continued drive to improve this area at Crosslee."
Andrea Wadsworth (Headteacher) - Crosslee Primary School, Manchester
Quality Writing Across the Curriculum INSET, October 2015
"The most useful course I have ever been on. This has made me feel excited and optimistic about teaching Year 2."
Laura Barr - William Hulme's Grammar School, Manchester
New to Year 2 Literacy Course, October 2016
"Extremely inspiring training which I implemented the following day and saw an immediate difference."
Lucy MacIntyre, Woodheys Primary, Trafford
Talk for Writing Training, April 2017
"One of the single most useful courses I have attended in 9 years of teaching."
Ben Greaves - Roe Lee Park Primary School, Blackburn
New to Year 6 Literacy Course, September 2016
"It has been invaluable, I'm just sorry it went so quickly it was amazing."
Sarah-Jane Littler, Sudell Primary, Trafford
New to Year 2 Literacy, October 2016
"I have really enjoyed working with Emma Caulfield and have just completed a year of training with her. She was employed by my school to support me in my new role as English leader. The school was ina… Read More
Julia Stokes, Literacy Subject Leader, Greenfield Primary, Tameside
Literacy Consultancy 2015-16
"Great to have training by someone realistic, who knows what it is like in a classroom!"
Michele Dines, class teacher, King David Primary, Manchester
Grammar INSET, November 2015
"The delivery was clear and also engaging, your enthusiasm was obvious."
Class teacher, Chapel Street Primary, Manchester
Higher Order Reading Skills INSET, September 2015
“Informative, fun, practical ideas, pacey (because speaking broken up with tasks).  Made applying and implementing T4W seem easy.”
Class teacher, Gorse Academies Trust, Leeds
Talk for Writing Training, June 2015